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home organizing

What is home organizing? 

It's a thoughtful organization of your storage spaces such as drawers, cabinets, closets, etc. We create custom storage solutions to help you get the most of your space, increase efficiency, reduce clutter, and save you time...with the added bonus of looking good! We can do this on a small scale (for example, one storage area such as under your bathroom sink or a playroom) or we can do it on a large scale (for example, with our moving service we can plan out all your storage spaces and then unpack for you so your new home is organized and works for you on day one!).

Who is this service for? 

+  You!  If you are looking to get your space more organized, decluttered and functional 

+  Moving?  We can help you declutter and organize before a move and get your drawers and cabinets

    setup in your new home

+  Give the gift of organization!  Great for a family member or friend, such as a new mom (to help organize all that

    new baby stuff)  

how it works home organizing



We can come to your home or meet you virtually for your free consultation. Together we will to look at your space, discuss your project goals and schedule.



We measure your space, then sort, edit and categorize your items. We will need a small amount of your time for review. We then source product to fit your space and needs.  

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kids draw.JPG



The fun part!  We return to install your customized storage solutions and leave you with a decluttered, organized and beautiful space. 



Our hourly rate is $95/hr (not including product). 

Have a budget in mind? Let us know and we are happy to work with you! We will let you know what we can achieve in that time and give you options for a great result.

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